5 Best Fiber Supplements for Digestive Health: Top Picks

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Dietary fiber is a unique type of carbohydrate and is essential to people’s health because it helps with digestion, makes people feel full longer, and lowers the risk of such diseases as diabetes and heart disease. Unfortunately, fiber intake is not easy to achieve from food alone, although it is such a vital nutrient. This is where fiber supplements come in.

Fiber supplements can therefore be helpful for people who struggle to meet their daily fiber requirements from dietary habits. This means they can serve to maintain steady fiber dietary intake levels, positively impact digestion, and may hold other advantages contingent on the kind of fiber employed. In this article, you will read about only the best fiber supplements that you can take in the year 2024 and how to choose the right one.

What is Fiber?

Fiber is a kind of carbohydrate contained in plant products, which cannot be decomposed during the process of digestion. While other carbohydrates get digested or split into sugars, fiber moves through the digestive system almost in its natural form. This individuality enables fiber to carry out several important activities in the body.

There are two primary types of fiber: The two main categories of vitamins are fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins. Soluble fiber swells in water to form a thick gel, which is beneficial in reducing blood cholesterol and glucose levels. Some of the foods high in soluble fiber are oatmeal, apples, and beans. Soluble fibre, however, dissolves in water and is used to slow down digestion and thus produce slow releases of energy hence the name slow energy rigidules insoluble fibre does not dissolve in water and therefore aids in the motion of material in the gastrointestinal tract promoting bulkiness. Components present in insoluble fiber include whole grain products, nuts, and green vegetables.

Fiber supplements can encompass one or both of these fibers and offer a variety of benefits such as improved gastrointestinal health, better glycemic control, and weight loss. Including the best fiber supplements in your food plan can help you have your required everyday fiber intake.

The 5 Best Fiber Supplements

  • Benefiber Advanced Digestive Health Prebiotic Fiber Supplement Powder
  • Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Organic Fiber Supplement Powder Unflavored
  • NOW Supplements, Psyllium Husk Powder
  • Metamucil Fiber Gummies for Adults
  • FiberCon Fiber Therapy Coated Caplets, Safe

#1 Benefiber Advanced Digestive Health Prebiotic Fiber Supplement Powder

Benefiber Advanced Digestive Health Prebiotic Fiber Supplement Powder

Benefiber Advanced Digestive Health

Customers say

It’s fiber. Helps you get and stay regular. It’s what you would expect. You can add it to anything, has no taste.

4.5 out of 5

Learn about the Benefiber Advanced Digestive Health Prebiotic Fiber Supplement Powder with Probiotics, as it’s made to enhance your digestive health conveniently. Every stick pack is formulated with a highly effective dose of prebiotic fiber and live bacterial cultures for the improvement of the digestive system. 

Consume the tasteless spherical crystals mixed into meals or beverages of your choice using water, fruit juice, or fruit smoothies. Non-GMO and containing no soy or dairy, this gluten-free dieter takes the work out of achieving your occasional digestive goals no matter your schedule. Improve your gut function with every serving of this simple-to-consume wonderful supplement.

Key Features

  • Digestive Health Support: A product that contains prebiotic fiber and active probiotics needed by friendly and healthy bacteria for improving digestive health.
  • Convenient Stick Packs: Fitted stick packs that make it convenient to carry in your pocket/ purse to avoid any instances when you will not be able to take fiber and probiotics.
  • Gluten-Free Formula: Recommended for individuals with gluten intolerance, presenting a good effective dietary supplement.
  • Versatile Use: May be easily dissolved in water, juice, or any kind of food which does not affect the taste of the food, and sometimes it may be easily ingested by the body.

If you want to improve your digestion, reach for Benefiber Advanced Digestive Health Prebiotic Fiber Supplement Powder with Probiotics, perfect for any location.


  • Readily enhances digestive health with both, prebiotic fiber and probiotics.
  • Convenient stick packs for field applications.
  • Formula that does not contain gluten for consumers with gluten intolerance.


  • May not be ideal to those people with some food allergies.
  • Certain users may prefer for instance a flavored product to the unflavored powder.
  • Far higher than that of mediocre fiber supplements.

#2 Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Organic Fiber Supplement Powder Unflavored

Garden of Life Dr Formulated Organic Fiber Supplement Powder Unflavored

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Organic Fiber Supplement

Customers say

I’ve struggled for a while to find the right product. Agreed it is slightly pricy but It works, I usually take it before I go to bed as I’ve found it works better for me and would recommend

4.2 out of 5

Garden of Life presents you with the Dr. Formulated Organic Fiber Supplement Powder; your perfect fit for a healthy digestion without the gritty feel. This neutral-tasting product in powdered form supplies 5 g of mild skin fiber generated from 5 organic superfruits – Acacia, Orange Peel, Baobab Fruit, Apple Peel, and Cranberry Fruit. Most suitable for occasional constipation and regulating digestion it helps in the growth of beneficial bacteria in the Gut. 

Soluble in any water-based drinks or can be added directly to your meals without changing flavour predominantly offers an easily manageable means to increase daily fiber consumption. Organic certified USDA NON-GMO VEGAN AND GLUTEN-FREE thus guaranteeing high quality and pure products for your digestive health.

Key Features:

  • Gentle Prebiotic Fiber: Includes 5 grams of Organic Fiber from Acacia, Orange Peel, Baobab Fruit, Apple Peel, and Cranberry Fruit to support digestive health.
  • No Grit, No Psyllium: It has no specific flavor that can be easily dissolved in water or any other food item that can be consumed daily.
  • Probiotic Support: Contains prebiotic properties that help improve the bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract and assist in digestion and relief from constipation once in a while.

Discover the woolen convenience of Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Organic Fiber, made with organic superfoods for digestive wellness without suffering.


  • 5 grams of organic prebiotic fiber for the maintenance of digestive health.
  • It dissolves well in drinks or can be added to foods without affecting their flavor.
  • Favors the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut for better digestive health.


  • It does not contain flavor and may not suit those who prefer flavored supplements.
  • Powder form may need to be mixed which makes it somewhat cumbersome.

#3 NOW Supplements, Psyllium Husk Powder

NOW Supplements, Psyllium Husk Powder

NOW Supplements, Psyllium Husk Powder

Customers say

I use this for gluten-free baking, and it makes a perfect gel. If that’s what you’re looking for, this is perfect.

4.4 out of 5

Learn about the NOW Supplements Organic Psyllium Husk Powder, a supplement that’s great for getting your digestive system back on track. Including a soluble fiber of 6g per serving, this non-GMO powder is good for the heart though it should be taken with meals that are low in fat and cholesterol. It is as easy as one tablespoon per day dissolved in water or juice to help boost your immune system

Manufactured and packaged in the USA by a well-reputed family business and comes with GMP Quality Assured as well as the highest degrees of purity. Safe for vegetarian and vegan consumers, this product can provide one a way to include fiber into his or her diet comfortably in the most satisfying ways.

Key Features

  • High Soluble Fiber Content: Authorised to contain as low as 6 grams soluble fiber per serving, thus a credible source of special dietary fiber that helps improve the health of consumers’ hearts when taken in moderation.
  • Easy to Use: Can be blended perfectly into water or juice to supplement the daily fiber intake in a very convenient way.
  • Quality Assurance: We have GMP Quality Assured and non-GMO Project Verified for customers who want to be assured of healthy food.

Increase your fiber consumption with NOW Supplements: Organic Psyllium Husk Powder which is a top choice for digestive and Heart Health.


  • The source of soluble fiber cuts the risk of heart disease.
  • Most of them dissolve well in beverages for ease of ingesting them.
  • GMP Quality assured and non-GMO project verified.


  • This may lead to the formation of stomach wind or a swollen belly in some people.
  • Can only be taken in liquid form and may not be ideal for some people.
  • Powder form might be less preferred compared to liquid form especially when on the move.

#4 Metamucil Fiber Gummies for Adults

Metamucil Fiber Gummies for Adults

Metamucil Fiber Gummies for Adults

Customers say

This is an easy on-the-go way to have fibre in your diet.
It tastes so good.

4.5 out of 5

Presenting Metamucil Fiber Gummies for Adults, an orange-flavored and sugar-free way to promote a healthy digestive system. Every gummy holds 5g of plant fiber that comprises prebiotic fiber to feed the beneficial gut bacteria. 

These gummies come from the makers of the number one selling fiber supplement, and they promote digestive health and balance. It could be of great good to people who desire to boost their fiber intake daily in a tasteful way. Experience the digestive support of soluble corn fiber and inulin fiber in every chew to provide healthy effects to the body.

Key Features

  • Delicious Orange Flavor: Complex carbohydrates in the form of highly palatable salt-free gummies so that consumers find fiber consumption entertaining.
  • 5g Plant-Based Fiber: Offers a combination of plant-based fibers, including prebiotic fiber to support digestion and digestive health.
  • Trusted Brand: Specifically from Metamucil, which has long been associated with high quality as well as efficiency in the fiber supplement market.

Supplement your daily diet with Metamucil Fiber Gummies for Adults – a delicious and easy-to-consume addition that contributes to a healthy gut.


  • Fruity tastes similar to that of an orange without the inclusion of sugar.
  • Has 5000mg of dietary fiber from plants per serving.
  • Has prebiotic fiber that aids gut health.


  • May not be good for people with limited sugar intake.

#5 FiberCon Fiber Therapy Coated Caplets, Safe

FiberCon Fiber Therapy Coated Caplets, Safe

FiberCon Fiber Therapy Coated Caplets, Safe

Customers say

This product really works, the pill is not really big so was easy to swallow, great price and quality, the seal was intact, it gave a comfortable feeling so the ingredients must be right! Definitely will be buying again!

4.6 out of 5

FiberCon Fiber Therapy Coated Caplets are your answer to constipation relief without the uncomfortable side of bloating or gas. These are easily swallowed caplets, which give quick relief similar to fiber powders without the need to mix. In contrast to harsh chemicals, FiberCon employs non-irritating insoluble fiber to help gently maintain bowel habits. Intended for use by adults and children aged twelve years and above, each dose will lead to a bowel movement within 12-72 hours. 

FiberCon forms an HSA and FSA consumable to ensure that the bowel irregularity is effectively managed with an easy-to-swallow product that is devoid of any aftertaste.

Key Features

  • Effective Constipation Relief: OxyGel | Rich in psyllium fiber, which helps to relieve constipation but free from the uneasy feeling of bloated gas.
  • No Chemical Stimulants: It alleviates constipation by using natural insoluble fiber, which promotes normal bowel movement without causing stiffness.
  • Fast-Acting Caplets: This means that the medicines are coated with ‘easy to swallow’ caplets which promise quick relief within 12-72 hours.

Feel the ease and efficacy of the FiberCon Fiber Therapy Coated Caplets that help to overcome constipation and other similar problems without inducing uncomfortable side effects.


  • Relieves constipation effectively but does not cause the formation of gas or bloating.
  • Rich in nature, difficult to digest fiber, and free of chemical stimulants.
  • Twelve to seventy-two hours rapid release caplets for immediate and effective relief.


  • May be less appealing to those who favor fiber in other formats.
  • Has to be taken daily to ensure one has a regular bowel.


To sum up, it is critical to include fiber supplements in one’s diet to achieve proper gastrointestinal functioning and avoid further constipation. Some people like gummies because of their portability and ability to take it with the flavor while some prefer formulated powders to dissolve in water easily and its non-bloating caplets to give quick relief.

When choosing a supplement, one has to consider the likelihood of having certain dietary needs, certain types of diet preferences, and certain health conditions that one may be having. When you take fiber supplements, you ensure your digestive system is working as it should by enhancing regular bowel movements without sacrificing comfort.

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