Best 6 Mushroom Tea Brands of 2024 for Wellness Enthusiasts

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In the health and wellness world, a rising star is mushroom tea, home to powerful medicinal properties that this drink seems to have attracted health fanatics looking for nature’s alternatives to boost their level of well-being. Looking forward to 2024, we can explore some of the greatest mushroom tea brands that guarantee quality, flavor, and holistic health benefits. Whether you’re an avid tea drinker or someone fairly new to the world of mushroom tea, this is designed to walk you through some of the very best options that exist.

You’ll be able to learn what precisely these teas can do for your immune system and mental clarity, providing a great way to escape for relaxation while tantalizing your taste buds with these exclusive flavors. Go into mushroom tea and find the blends that will be part of health trends this year.

What is this mushroom tea?

Mushroom tea is quite an exciting beverage brewed from mushrooms, known for their many benefits to human health—but not the kind we know most popularly, those we use most commonly in our kitchen. It’s brewed from a special type of medicinal mushroom. Here is a very short explanation of why this tea is considered so special:

  • Made from Medicinal Mushrooms: Not just a standard tea leaf or culinary mushroom, this type of tea is made with different kinds of mushrooms such as Reishi, Chaga, and Lion’s Mane mushrooms—each of them praised for their medicinal qualities.
  • This tea brings many benefits into it. It has rich antioxidants and potentially more compounds that could increase your immune system, reducing stress and giving mental clarity.
  • Versatile and tasty, it comes in three different flavors but is still so versatile to drink in both hot and cold ways—definitely, the best addition to your everyday.

Mushroom tea brings uniqueness to traditional herbal teas by incorporating flavor and functional benefits that help practice a healthy lifestyle.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Mushroom Tea Brands

Regarding mushroom tea, not just any brand may be chosen. The one selected should represent nothing but the best of the best. In other words, this is selecting the crème de la crème among mushroom tea. Here’s how to select a winning brand so you can feel great about sipping Top-Notch Ingredients. Look for a brand that uses only the finest, freshest organic mushrooms. No funky business here, just pure, clean ingredients that promise the best flavor and nutrition values.

  • Ethical Sourcing: Buy from a brand that loves the planet and its people as much as they do mushrooms. Ethically sourced, humanly raised: ingredients that underline sustainability.
  • Brand “Rave Reviews”: What do others say? A brand that has such great reviews is going to make you fall in love with them—quite possibly even your taste buds.
  • Variety of flavors: The best brands have everything from mild, earthy flavors to full-bodied, robust ones. After all, life is too short for bad flavors.
  • Transparent Practices: Because good brands have nothing to hide, they remain utterly transparent in the process of sourcing, processing, and health benefits connected with their teas. It is good if you find a good brand of mushroom tea by, of course, looking beyond the label. 

It is essential to look deep, learn about the company, ensure it fulfills these criteria, and convince yourself that your perfect mushroom tea is waiting to be brewed.

Review of Top 6 Mushroom Tea Brands

  • Traditional Medicinals, Organic Reishi Mushroom Tea
  • Chaga Tea – 100% Wild Siberian Birch Chaga Mushroom
  • Chai Magic (50 Servings) | Superfood 5 Mushroom Powder Blend
  • Teeccino Mushroom Herbal Tea
  • Chai Latte by Four Sigmatic
  • Bravo Tea 6 Mushroom Defense Herbal Tea

#1 Traditional Medicinals, Organic Reishi Mushroom Tea

Traditional Medicinals, Organic Reishi Mushroom Tea

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Warming, cozy, and health-supporting drink looking? Look no further—Organic Reishi Mushroom Tea from Traditional Medicinals is the answer. Sixteen teabags brimming with the sunny, citrusy, and earthy taste you expect from Reishi mushrooms—the liquid equivalent of sunshine! It is lovingly created from the best organic reishi mushrooms, known to have potent benefits to the mind and body. Easy to prepare and can be enjoyed even in the mornings. Start your day with this magical tea and feel the difference between drinking not just tea but a whole cup of wellness adventure in every cup!

Key Features

  • Organic Ingredients: Filled in each bag are only the best organic reishi mushrooms to ensure a natural and healthful sip with each bag.
  • Unique Taste: Experience the unique combination of sun-drenched citrus with grounding notes to ensure a refreshingly grounded taste sensation.
  • Easy preparation: It comes as a teabag to quickly prepare your tea and avoid any hassle.
  • Health benefits: Reika mushrooms are famous for their hypnogenic effects with immunomodulating properties. 

Step with me now through the looking glass and into the beautiful world of Mushroom Tea with Traditional medicinal organic Reishi Mushroom Tea. More than a drink, it’s like a “something” towards better well-being packed into a tiny bag of magic!


  • Organic, safe, and pure in every sip.
  • Citrus and earthy with a crisp and unique flavor.
  • Convenient tea bags for quick, easy preparation.
  • Promotes relaxation, aiding in maintaining a healthy immune system.


  • Premium prices may not be pocket-friendly to all buyers.
  • This line has limited choices in flavors.
  • Some people like loose leaves better than tea bags.


All these for only $5.79 on a box of 16 tea bags, Traditional Medicinals Organic Reishi Mushroom Tea. Hence, it is just perfect for daily consumption or as a generous gift for health improvement—enjoy the high wellness benefits without spending high prices.

#2 Chaga Tea – 100% Wild Siberian Birch Chaga Mushroom

Chaga Tea - 100% Wild Siberian Birch Chaga Mushroom

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Taste the magic of Siberia in Chaga Tea from Baikal Tea, straight from the icy forests neighboring the pure Lake Baikal—30 unbleached tea bags, full of 100% wild Siberian Birch Chaga, in each box. This particular mushroom tea has a warm and earthy taste, leaving one feeling sparkly and sharp; not just a tea to take you through the day, it’s also a natural detox to support your digestion. You can even dust this powder into smoothies or cocoa. And it’s deliciously simple to whip up at home: Just dive into a cup of this wild, earthy goodness and feel the natural boost!

Key Features

  • 100% Chaga from Wild Siberia: Collected in the frozen forest of Siberia; purity and authenticity are ensured.
  • Rich, Earthy Flavor: Enjoy the unique, deep taste of natural birch Chaga, giving comfort and invigorating power.
  • Natural Health Benefits: Supports detoxification and digestive health with every calming cup.
  • Versatile Use: Add a bagful to smoothies or hot cocoa for an extra kick.
  • Eco-Friendly: Unbleached tea bags, emphasizing environmental consciousness.

Enjoy the strength of the flavor and health benefits mined from the very center of Siberian wild nature with a cup of Chaga Tea from Baikal Tea.


  • The wild Siberian forests are the origin of pure quality.
  • Rich invigorating earthy flavors help to create an awakening to morning or afternoon.
  • Supports the body’s natural detoxification and digestive health effectively.
  • Versatile to use in teas, smoothies, and other beverages.


  • The taste may simply be too earthy for some people.
  • The availability is limited because this item is wild-sourced.
  • High cost compared to usual teas.


Baikal Tea Chaga Tea offers the best value for the price. With our Baikal Tea Chaga Tea, one may experience the distinctive energy of Siberian Chaga. Your inexpensive way to good health and well-being, experience the unique power of Siberian Chaga affordably in every cup.

#3 Chai Magic (50 Servings) | Superfood 5 Mushroom Powder Blend

Chai Magic (50 Servings)

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Experience the wonders of MEGAPLANTS’ Chai Magic, a stunning fusion of robust mushroom superfoods and spiced masala chai. To improve your energy, clarity, and attention, try this special powder blend made with five different kinds of mushrooms. Exactly what grownups need when they want a natural boost without the jitters from coffee! It is not only delicious but also incredibly healthy because it is completely plant-based, vegan, and devoid of genetically modified organisms. Chai Magic can be added to your morning smoothie or used as a substitute for coffee to keep you alert and focused all day.

Key Features:

  • The blend of “Five Mushroom potion is a drink of energy and lucidity: which contains the health benefits of five of the best mushrooms in the world. It works amusingly by such a mix.
  • It is this savory aroma: that captivates and brings out the response, thus making this great to have an everyday treat.
  • Not setting my alarm: five minutes over the timing, and watching the clock as I read some morning news makes French beans my favorite breakfast program. The fact that they have multiple uses, for example in smoothies and as a substitute for coffee, makes them my favorite breakfast meal.
  • Plant-Based Ingredients: These focus less on Non-GMO and Vegans nutrition which emphasizes healthy diets.
  • Energy and Immune Support: This has been designed to be used in the improvement of immune system function and as a way to be infused with natural energy. In the 1200-1300 period, “The Divine Comedy” written by Dante Alighieri comes out. His Journey to heaven, hell, and purgatory is the storyline of this poem. Intricate symbolism, allegory, and moral lessons make this poem perfect.

Tea at Chai Magic is not only a drink people enjoy; it is also a fantastic experience shared. The effect of the smell of freshly brewed chai masala can be multi-fold, additionally, of which the mushrooms are a great source of nutrients to create a positive, creative antidote for time against monotony and trouble.


  • Increased concentration and mental clarity using the five-mushroom blend.
  • The flavors of rich, fragrant masala chai please the senses.
  • This versatile powder tastes great on its own or added to smoothies.
  • GMO-free, plant-based ingredients promote a healthy way of living.


  • The chai flavor could be too potent or hot for certain people.
  • Maybe not as strong a caffeine hit as regular coffee.
  • premium cost in comparison to ordinary coffee or chai mixes. 


For just $22.46, experience the enchantment of MEGAPLANTS’ Chai enchantment. This superfood mushroom chai blend, which comes in a container with 50 servings, is a great deal for people who need energy, clarity, and focus for their everyday tasks. Today, give yourself a cup of vitality!

#4 Teeccino Mushroom Herbal Tea

Teeccino Mushroom Herbal Tea

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Came up with Teeccino Mushrooms Herbal Tea Sampler—a super-chic combination of mushrooms and top health tonics in 12 tea bags. It is now possible to live your dream by eating the combined benefits of mushrooms and adaptogens for well-being.

Experiencing three times the number of herbs in each cup, this caffeine-free tea is an excellent source of energy that can be enjoyed any time throughout the day. In addition, it is void of sugar and contains prebiotics, which immensely benefit maintaining healthy guts.

From being a refreshingly cool treat to being hot tea for these cold winter nights, Teeccino Mushroom Herbal Tea Sampler is a wonderful product that’s family-friendly, it heals your body and calms your soul with every sip!

Key Features

  • Adaptogenic Herbal Teas: Live the amazing combination effect of mushrooms and adaptogen herbs for a more complete wellness.
  • 3X More Herbs: Each bag nearly three times overflows with herbal compared to regular bags. This is intended to boost all the wellness properties of tea.
  • Naturally Caffeine-Free: Replace regular coffee with a delicious organic option, which can be taken any time of the day.
  • Prebiotics for Gut Health: Inulin oozes from chicory and dandelion root, which makes digestion an easy thing while aiding the growth of probiotics.
  • Versatile Enjoyment: Have it either hot or cold, with possible forms of latte or cappuccino, offering relief and keeping you sustained.

Treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind experience with Teeccino Dried Mushroom Herbal Tea Sampler. This refreshing organic tea consists of a blend of mushroom and herbal teas including chocolate, mint, and vanilla blends to infuse life back into you.


  • The perfect combination of mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs is to experience the ultimate well-being
  • Get three herbs per bag versus one herb for ultimate health impact.
  • Natural energy-boosting drink without your favorite stimulants, suitable for any time of day.


  • Some will just find it a little odd, as mushroom herbal tea tastes a bit unusual.
  • High-value cost relative to standard tea bags.
  • Irrevocably, we are facing narrow flavor choices in the sampler pack.


You can now Bring home the holistic benefits of the Teeccino Mushroom Herbal Tea Sampler and get it for $7.99 only. This particular mushroom cleansing protocol bag with 12 tea bags per pack aims to enrich each cup with mushrooms, adaptogens, and prebiotics. Remember to enhance the effect of your natural energy and get the gut support you deserve at an affordable price.

#5 Chai Latte by Four Sigmatic

Chai Latte by Four Sigmatic

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Meet Four Sigmatic, Chai Latte—an Organic Instant Delight with powerful Turkey Tail and Reishi mushrooms, coconut milk powder, and a comforting mix of spices. Specially designed to help out with gut and digestion issues, this caffeine-free chai is best consumed in the morning and evening times where nothing can hold you back. Calling for “zero dairy, gluten or artificial flavor approval,” it is a vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and additive-free alternative. A cup of instant decaf coffee is easy to prepare by adding it to warm water and forming a velvety, tasty latte which is more like a dessert than a health drink.

Give your abdominal organ the treatment it deserves and refer to this gut-loving chai mushroom as a ceremonial drink

Key Features

  • Gut-Supporting Mushrooms: Organic Turkey Tail and Reishi mushrooms are beneficial for supporting gut health, increasing antioxidant consumption, and having adaptogen support.
  • Calming Spice Blend: Cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and ginger all create a harmonious and fragrant chai flavonoid experience.
  • Dairy and Gluten-Free: It’s perfectly fine for vegans, and gluten-free, with some organic ingredients and no artificial flavors in it.
  • Instant Dissolving: A simple matter of adding hot water helps you create a perfect creamy latte which may be tasted both delicious and comforting.

Invigorate the taste of your latte with its warm and honeyed flavor of Four Sigmatic Chai Latte! You can also nourish, soothe, and keep your gut healthy thereby in each sip.


  • Probiotic mushrooms for digestive health and adaptogen support.
  • A relaxing mixture of herbs and spices brings peace of mind while intoxicating and aromatic chai aroma benefits the senses.
  • Dairy-free, and gluten-free, so they’ll be perfect for vegans and gluten-free diets.


  • Whereas others will perceive the taste of mushroom chai latte to be weird.
  • The cost premium compared to standard chai latte options offered by various competitors in the market.
  • Constrained access might result in the lack of such items which is regionally available.


Experience clinically studied gut-specific benefits by using Four Sigmatic’s Chai Latte for as low as $14.99. One box engrosses 10 sachets of instant chai latte in organic flavor, which makes it a convenient and pleasurable refreshment. Designed to be a relaxing, aromatic treat that brings not just mental but also physical well-being, by benefiting your gut health.

#6 Bravo Tea 6 Mushroom Defense Herbal Tea

Bravo Tea 6 Mushroom Defense Herbal Tea

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Presenting Bravo Tea’s 6 Mushroom Defense Herbal Tea, an entire wellness solution made up of 20 caffeine-free tea bags. I have utilized a potent blend of Chaga, Reishi, Maitake, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane mushrooms and added them to this tea. Ultimately, you will get adaptogens and antioxidants to improve immunity, enhance mood, increase energy, and optimize gut and liver health. Coming with natural ingredients without artificial flavors at all, it’s a wonderful combination of Eastern Herbalism Traditions and Western Herbal Tradition with an exceptional taste. Join the fast-growing trend of wellness with every sip of aromatic tea that is not only delicious but also nutritious!

Key Features

  • Powerful Mushroom Blend: Offer Chaga, Reishi, Maitake, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane in the form of mushrooms that promote all-around health.
  • Adaptogens and Antioxidants: Increase immune function, mood, energy, and digestion, as well as gut and liver health with pure botanical ingredients.
  • Authentic Herbal Wisdom: It is a syncretic reel of all the traditional Eastern herbalism and global herbal medicine traditions to form a comprehensive dossier for holistic and potential well-being.
  • Caffeine-Free and Gluten-Free: Ideal for all lifestyles, this is natural, free of harsh additives and preservatives, and its flavor will give you a premium experience.

Besides Bravo Tea’s 6 Mushroom Defense Herbal Tea, which carries authentic ingredients specifically formulated for your holistic might, check out the other products in our line that also promote overall wellness.


  • Complete support is provided holistically with a smart mushroom mixture and adaptogens.
  • Deppt from the author’s experiences with Eastern Herbalism and traditions from the world.
  • Also caffeine-free and gluten-free so able to suit different individual choices and preferences in the diet.


  • A potpourri of wind and rain, the seaside may be seen as a mundane space by some.
  • High pace against other tea bags of conventional types.
  • Unavailability may be burdensome to attempt to find an alternative.


Open the door to purchasing Bravo Tea’s 6 Mushroom Defense Herbal Tea for only $8.95. Coming with 20 tea bags per box, this palation-less mix is here to provide clients with comprehensive health assistance at a cost-friendly price. Experience the value of the true nature of the herbs garden and get your body fed with the extraordinary spirit of the tea.

Possible Side Effects and Concerns

Even though caffeinated mushroom tea is safe for the majority of people on the planet, it is advised to take a small amount of it to your system to check the reaction of your body, if you have allergies or you are naturally sensitive or intolerant to mushrooms. Permanent and breastfeeding mothers should consult a healthcare provider before adding mushroom tea to their diets.


By 2024, mushroom tea has become a stronghold in the arena of wellness; it is a brew with an unusual blend of taste and usefulness. The fact that as we explored the best six brands the brands in all cases had a unique touch to demanding the health-giving properties of mushrooms became evident. From Traditional Medicinals’ Organic Reishi Mushroom Tea to Four Sigmatic’s Chai Latte with Turkey Tail and Reishi Mushrooms, there is now a tea that caters to both people who love new tastes and those who wish to address some health needs.

These brands have evolved new formulations for these products and established their quality with that kind of innovation, which has also marked them as the market’s leading players.

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